Take a motivation minute

It’s hard to stay focused at the moment, with brain fog and collective exhaustion and grief, so how on earth do we motivate ourselves?

We’ve seen a few suggestions to take an hour to think about motivation each day, but we think a motivation minute is much more manageable. We also think doing this at the same time each day to build it into your routine can help make it a habit.

Whether it’s writing down what motivates you, journaling or looking through your Pinterest boards, it’s good to remind yourself about what you’re working towards, what you’re excited about for the future, or just what you like doing to keep your brain active.

Motivation is personal to you; what motivates you won’t be the same as what motivates other people. And that’s completely fine. You don’t need to justify or explain your motivations to anyone. But just thinking about these motivations for a minute or two each day can keep you going in this very long haul we’re all in at the moment.

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